Yellow House is a not for profit grassroots community organisation dedicated to improve lives to be more sustainable for homeless people, urban poor and refugee communities in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. The idea of a non-profit for benefit community came about when our views on giving back to the society seemed to be shared with many out there allowing us an opportunity to give real, substantial and continuous help to the marginalised. Supported by a strong board of trustees and supportive partners, Yellow House has uplifted more than 100 lives. The non-profit organisation aims to promote volunteerism and social impact amongst some of the social issues faced in Malaysia namely homelessness and  refugees.

7 years after its creation, Yellow House is now a social enterprise with a thriving international community of 700 volunteers in over 40 countries. 


Shyam Priah
CEO & President

With over a decade of experience, Shyam has collaborated with prestigious clients like Malaysian Airports, UNHCR, Air Asia Foundation and more on impactful projects. These range from tackling homelessness to empowering refugees with sustainable livelihoods. 

She excels at building bridges, fostering a global volunteer network exceeding 1000 strong. Driven by a passion for connection and community growth, Yellow House KL has flourished under her leadership since 2011. 

Dr. Peter Gan Kim Soon
Vice President

Dr. Peter Gan Kim Soon is a public health physician and an amateur humanitarian. He works at the nexus of healthcare provision, policy, and research to improve health and well-being, especially for underserved and vulnerable populations. 


Mohd Zikri Mohd Shairy

Zikri spearheads Strategy & Sustainability Department in an Islamic bank in Malaysia. He focuses to integrate Islamic social finance instruments of zakat, waqf and sadaqah within Islamic banking framework in order to create upward mobility and social change among unbanked segment to become bankable

Ram Anand

Ram Anand has been a journalist for the past 14 years, initially covering Malaysian politics before shifting to corporate and companies coverage last year. He currently reports for Bloomberg News, after previously serving in Straits Times’ Malaysia Bureau, and having been trained at Malaysia’s first independent news portal Malaysiakini. 

Alan Wei
Assistant Secretary

Alan is the proud owner and driving force behind Hornbill Agriculture and Farm Direct Shop, which aims to uplift rural farmers and their livelihoods, serving as a platform for local entrepreneurs and start ups in Kuching to sell their produce ethically. 


Rozila Wong Abdullah 
Committee Member

Rozi possesses 27 years of marketing communications background in varied industries, with a proven track record of organising events, product launches, and marketing campaigns. An individual with a passion for organising event.s, high attention to details and zeal for the service, hospitality, and food & beverage industry

Laura McInty
Advisory Committee

Laura is an Economic Development professional from Scotland. Coming into contact with a vulnerable communities all over the world, she has developed some excellent programmes over her 25 years career in the Government of Scotland to help empower and upskill people of all ages.

Yap Yoke Yin
Committee Member

Yap Yoke Yin is a 72 year old vibrant senior at Yellow House KL. She bridges the gap between our organization and the community we serve. Her experience are invaluable, as she sheds light on the neighborhood’s needs and connects us with those who require assistance.




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