Unseen Tour by Yellow House

“A great way to see and get an alternative perspective of KL. Also a great initiative as the organisation trains homeless persons to be tour guides, who get to keep the majority of the money made from the tour.”

– Jonathan Hew, London, United Kingdom

About the Track:

It’s hard to conceive street art in Kuala Lumpur without thinking of vandalism, graffiti, and many other non-very-positive pre-conceived terms. But almost three years ago, Petronas launched a campaign who helped indeed this misconception to be changed, and encouraged 14 local artists to stand up for their patriotism through art. How cool is that? Well, today we will spot 10 locations where local and international artists have left their message of Independence, Unity, Multi-culture, and Love to grow as a Nation. You will understand through art how Malaysia is, and why Malaysians are the way we are. How the mixture of culture have helped us become what we are today.


Distance: About 4.5 kilometers

Tour Guide / Conductor Language:
English / Bahasa Malaysia / Chinese / Japanese

Estimated Time:
2 hours and 45 minutes

Child-friendly: Yes

Refreshments Included: Bottled Water

Price: RM55

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