Serving the homeless community is nothing new to the Yellow House KL. While some may consider them as outcasts, we at Yellow House KL treat them as friends. Through this 4 year old friendship, Yellow House KL has done various weekly activities with the street people such as: Street Salons, Street Kitchen and Dignity Store.

Street Salon nights focuses on giving free haircut and wash for the street people. It is a worthwhile experience for our volunteers as they get a touch and feel with the streets and build relationship with them. Street Kitchen is a more relaxed picnic activity with the street people providing them meals that are heartily prepared and cooked by the Yellow House KL volunteers. These food are donated by the local market, helping solve the problem of food wastage. The Dignity Store is another arm where we give clothes and basic necessities to the streets such as: first aid kits, sarongs, mosquito coils, sewing kits, detergent and toiletries. All these are depending on donations.



Now, the multi-project social enterprise is set to embark a new endeavor that is called The Unseen Tours. The core mission of The Unseen Tours Kuala Lumpur is to give employment opportunities to the homeless people of Malaysia by training them to become effective tourist guides. As the old Chinese proverb would say, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” We hope that through this, we return hope and dignity to our homeless street friends—that they are not useless in this world and that they are accepted in the society.

Yellow House KL is also one of the host organizations for the Volunteering for International Professional, an initiative by the Malaysian government to create a large pool of talented professionals, who are passionate about sharing their expertise and experiences globally, as expert volunteers to contribute towards nation-building in ASEAN region and in building up the regional ecosystem of nonprofits to create more social impact. The Volunteering for International Professional (VIP) is a proud initiative by the Malaysian Ministry of Finance & the National Strategic Unit under the National Blue Ocean Strategy.

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